Monday, October 11, 2010

The world at large

Does size matter...? In this case I would say YES. The biggest book at the 2010 Frankfurt Book Fair hails from our very own Northern Beaches. Millennium House Australia has printed 31 copies of Earth (top) - a massive atlas measuring 1.8m x 2.75m and weighing in at 120kgs - featuring exquisite mapping detail that smaller tomes just cannot match. Publisher Gordon Cheers says the state-of-the-art cartography, geography and oceanography was overseen by the world's finest in their discipline.
The Klenke Atlas (above) is considered by those in the know to be 'the last great atlas' and was produced in 1660 by John Klenke as a gift for King Charles II of England. Only one copy was made and it's preserved today in the Map Room at the British Library. 
According to The Manly Daily 'the atlas was bound by hand in Milan by the Vatican's printers and the foreword was written by the head of maps for the British Library.'
Two have already been sold to museums in the Middle East. You can pick one up too if you have a spare $100,000. And a very large room.

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