Thursday, October 21, 2010

Classic cover

How beautiful is this! The original cover art for E.B White's 1952 classic Charlotte's Web sold at auction to a New York collector for US$155,000. The graphite and ink illustration by Garth Williams features farmgirl Fern Arable holding the saved-from-slaughter pig Wilbur, with Charlotte spinning her web above them. If you look closely you can still see the production notes around the edges. The same cover art has been used for over 58 years and in 2000, Publisher's Weekly named Charlotte's Web the best selling children's book ever. 
Williams first teamed with White for the cover of the mousecapade Stuart Little.

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evaf said...

It's lovely! No doubt today's cover would have pink all over it as all books with a girl's name in them seem to have (even Matilda - she would hate that), even though it's obviously great for both boys and girls.