Thursday, October 14, 2010

Miner gets his comeuppance

Amazing story of the rescue of 33 Chilean miners trapped in a sweaty subterranean chamber deep underground for 69 days. Hollywood loves this stuff. For the writer, the individual human stories behind the collective heroics spawn myriad tales...
No doubt a certain Yoni Barrios - he whose affair was exposed when two women appeared in a panic holeside when the disaster occurred - is being courted by storytellers the world over after being lifted from the vault overnight.
Reports dispute the identity of the person who met Barrios upon his retrieval, the 'unnamed' woman rumoured to be his sister or perhaps his girlfriend. His wife chose to stay away. 
In stories of human frailty we often find some temporary solace for our own tendency to err. 
And so the juiciness begins. Start talking Senor... your underground prison may turn out to have been paradise compared to this...

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