Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Farewell La Stupenda

A small note on the passing of a monumental talent. 
Dame Joan Sutherland has died. 
Pavarotti once called Dame Joan 'the voice of the century' and Montserrat Caballé described her voice as being 'like heaven'.
As the SMH reports today: 'Her influence extended well beyond the opera world and reached into popular culture.'
I never heard her sing on stage, but even to a kid like me growing up in 1970s'/80s' Australia, Joan Sutherland was larger than life. 
In fourth class at school we were required to write a poem about what we wanted to be when we grew up. I distinctly remember my first verse. 
With apologies to Dame Joan, who shall be lauded in far worthier encomiums than this, herewith the tribute from my then-nine-year-old self...:

I'd like to sing the opera
Performing every night
Dressing up and singing songs
For everyone's delight.
Like Joan Sutherland, 
she has a lovely voice
Only I would be thinner, 
if I had a choice.

Vale La Stupenda.


yakshaver said...

Great artist, defining opera in the 20th century...

Rubyfire writes said...

My poetry, amateur as it was and remains, is infinitely better than my singing. Dame Joan's position was never threatened...!