Thursday, September 23, 2010

She's a rare bird

Hope you've been saving your pennies booklovers, there's a book sale on in New York in December. A couple of the treasures up for grabs have my name written all over them.... though sadly I don't have a few cool $mill to cough up for them. sob.
The books are among a collection of 50 items from the estate of a certain Lord Hesketh, who died in 1955. 
A first edition of Shakespeare's plays, widely acknowledged as the most important in all English literature, and a rare book by America's most famous bird artist, John James Audubon, billed as the priciest tome in the world, are going under the hammer in a literary coup for Sotheby's.
Shakespeare's 'First Folio' dates from 1623 and among the 36 plays included are The Tempest, Twelfth Night and Macbeth. It's expected to go for around 1 to 1.5 million pounds.
The bird book, which took Audubon 12 years to complete, contains around 1000 illustrations of 500 breeds of birds. The dude knew his stuff. Charles Darwin quoted the highly influential natural historian three times in The Origin of the Species. Only 119 original copies of Birds of America - said to have inspired generations of ornithologists - are known to exist and this one is tipped to achieve a whopping four to six million pounds at auction. 
Wow. Santa Claus did I mention I have been a very, very good girl this year...

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