Monday, September 6, 2010

Bookaholics Anonymous

My name is RubyfireWrites and I'm a bookoholic.
Just when I think I am fortified against temptation.... I come across a bookstore and all resolve crumbles. Sigh.
Books + shop = ka-ching goes the till. 
This was Saturday's haul from Andy's Book Shop on the northern beaches (19 bucks for the lot). I went out shopping for figs, spinach leaves and raspberries, so of course it was natural that I came home with a pile of books.
Cervantes' Don Quixote, Plutarch's Fall of the Roman Republic, Aboriginal Myths and Legends by AW Reed and - haha! - for a little light relief The Love Queen of the Amazon by Cecile Pineda. The Rousseau artwork on the cover caught my attention and the blurb on the back won me over for the $4 spend: 
"Expelled from her demure convent school in the small town of Malyerba, Peru, to be led kicking and screaming to the altar, Ana Magdalena was kidnapped on the night of her wedding only to escape and find refuge with the man of her dreams. But marriage to the penniless deluded writer Federico Orgaz was to herald even more extraordinary adventures. From her colourful initiation into the life of the flourishing bordello La Nymphaea to her exalted role as Madam of the legendary pleasure-dome La Confiteria, Ana Magdalena's sensuous journey would lead her into realms hitherto unknown..."
They say when trying to write, one should also read read read. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.

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