Saturday, September 18, 2010

On beauty...

I know you're not supposed to feed them but.... how can I resist? They're completely beguiling, surprisingly tame and I am totally seduced by their beauty. 
My rainbow lorikeet friends. These two come visit me every second day and if they can't find me, they fly around to each window and peer in and tap and trill until I appear like a dutiful slave to appease their every whim. Ok so producing a few seed-filled breadcrumbs isn't that hard, but the point is, there's something magnetic about them that is impossible to ignore. 
My very wise friend in Africa always tells me birds are the messengers of the gods and when they come calling we must listen to them. My very wise Aboriginal friend also speaks of the wisdom of birds. She tells me that the birds will only come to you because they choose you, and they have knowledge of the world that only they can see because they fly above it and look down and see all that goes on in this place...
Birds have always been a rich source of inspiration in mythology, legend, symbolism and literature and when you see these little fellas on your balcony the obvious question is: how did the birds get their colours

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