Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Poets pushing product

After recently discovering a virtual library of famous dead people reciting their classic works on the web, I see now that Levi's has taken a literary tack in its new ad campaign across the USA. 
It's a stretch but if it spawns a new generation of poetry enthusiasts it can't hurt. The Go Forth ads claim to appeal to the 'smarts and heritage' of the American people and feature dubbed audio of Walt Whitman reciting his famous poem Oh Pioneers! You can check out the ads here and here.
Makes me wonder what the Australian market might stomach? The Banjo pushing Bega Cheese...? Perhaps a bit of Dorothea MacKellar selling sunscreen...? 
I reckon A.D. Hope could have been put to great creative exposure in the recent federal election campaign. Would have made it worth listening to anyway - and we might have even gotten a winner.

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evaf said...

i think dorothea would have preferred to see us all sunburnt :)