Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I want to read...

Jimmy Corrigan - the Smartest Kid in the World
I've never been into graphic novels but this one got a huge rap on First Tuesday Book Club last night. I haven't delved into this genre since I put my last Archie comic back on the shelf about 25 years ago (some of his adventures are imprinted indelibly in my mind - I hope he and his mates enjoy a Renaissance in due course). I'm curious because Marieke Hardy said Jimmy's tale moved her to tears and I want to know what the fuss is all about.
I found a review in January magazine online which says:
'Jimmy Corrigan is the eponymous full-color, 380-page tale of a sad, socially inept man who visits his father after years of estrangement. The story that unfolds is an intricate mosaic that, with artful use of flashbacks, spans generations. The main protagonist is the current-day Jimmy Corrigan, but there's a secondary storyline, featuring Jimmy's grandfather -- also called Jimmy Corrigan -- set in late 19th-century Chicago.
'Both Jimmys have a tendency to indulge in spiteful daydreams laced with absurd elements. Both are social pariahs greatly oppressed by their respective parents. Both are unsympathetic losers forever poisoned by fear, anger and -- most of all -- parental betrayal. They are so wrapped up in their own lives that they are incapable of any true feeling for anyone else, save spite and hatred and envy. Ware's story navigates with dreamlike logic between the two Jimmys and their respective fantasy lives.'
No wonder she cried... Stay tuned.
Are you into graphic novels? Which ones?


Angela Deal Meanix said...

I love that top picture ... Looks like a great poster. Thanks for posting this ... keeps me focused on my own goals of writing (which I rarely do!) ... Reading inspires that process, too. I'm not sure if these are graphic novels, but my son enjoys the pictures and stories in the Amulet and Missile Mouse. I just like the graphics and Just the feel of the pages is sometimes enough:)

Georgia said...

What about that bar we went to in Niseko?

Rubyfire writes said...

Amulet - great name! - I'll have to have a look for it. Thanks Angela. I agree - just the feel of the pages is often the only lure I need....when someone invents an electronic reader that can faithfully capture the texture and smell of paper then perhaps - perhaps - I'll be tempted to test it out...not holding my breath!

And thanks G - I hadn't thought about that bar in Niseko in ages - posted a couple of pics from our adventure here:

evaf said...

I love Maus! it's a fantastic graphic novel about the holocause. definitely worth a read.

Rubyfire writes said...

Maus - I've heard of that, will keep a look out.
Guess what I saw online today..."Cliffs Notes Shakespeare The Manga Edition - take a stab at Shakespeare"...! Guess that takes us back to the old Enid Blyton argument about bastardising the classics to attract new audiences hey Eva ;)