Thursday, December 3, 2009

Story magic...

A little piece of Emily Dickinson today - a poem for lovers of books and stories and words... :) With a picture of a dancing bear...just because.

He ate and
drank the
precious Words - 
His Spirit grew
robust -
He knew no more
that he was poor;
Nor that his
frame was
Dust - 
He danced 
along the dingy
And this bequest
of Wings
Was but a Book - 
What Liberty
A loosened Spirit


Georgia said...

I love that poem! Isn't that exactly why we read! Pure escapism!
That bear makes me want to dance!

Rubyfire writes said...

Haha! the dancing bear makes me laugh - he's an eight foot tall polar bear from the Odette Sculpture Park in Windsor, Ontario, Canada (!) The artist is Pauta Saila

Tom said...

Maybe I'll come over a little earlier than 4pm today so you can explain this poem to me.