Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry merry ho ho ho!

Yay it's Christmas - a time of storytelling and magic and all things delicious! 
I don't think Christmas Day features in my story... but if it did at least one of the characters would get right into wrapping and gluing and sticking and making sparkly cards in a big puddle of crazy, happy mess. 
And there'd probably be another character who didn't have a clue that each ribbon and bow had been tied with extra special attention and care - ruthlessly ripping through layers of bubbles and fluff in their haste to recover the bounty. 
But what the ho, as long as someone's thinking of you, all's fair in love and gifting right?! 
No matter what you do or who you spend it with, I bet everyone will have a Christmas story to tell that together would cover every genre...comedy, family, adventure, drama, mystery, romance, tragedy, psycho thriller... What will yours be?
Happy happy :) x

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