Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crooks with a crock or crusaders with a cause?

The media buzz about climate change and the Copenhagen conference evaporating into thin air got me thinking about this term that's bandied about so relentlessly and has wangled its way into our vernacular. 
'Climate change' - What does it mean? 
Depends how you look at it really.
If you flip the letters around a little you get:
'Chemical Agent' (conspiracy theorists will be delighted)
'Technical Game' (...possibly)
'Chalice Magnet' (driving everyone to drink?)
As well as my two favourites: 
'Cheating Camel' and 'A Camel Etching' 
(both of which, it appears, would be as useful as said conference).
With so much conjecture about what on earth climate change is or means, none of these options could be dismissed as ridiculous.

PS. I'm not that clever. Impress your friends.

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