Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Iris Blue Iris

Iris, blue iris,
Like the sky of profound wish
- Eternal spring bliss
        Peter S Quinn

I'm thinking about the grandmother of one of my characters and the role she played in his life. This little haiku makes me smile and think of mine...
Part of the fun of writing is drawing from others to create the people and personalities that populate your story.
Speaking at a Literary Feast bookclub meeting recently, the author Charlotte Wood said that whenever a new book or piece of her writing is published, she has to remind her family - as they frantically scan through the pages trying to identify themselves - that it's not always about herself and her relatives. It's fiction!
I like the idea that the people who colour our lives may all figure as a piece of the writer's patchwork - but exactly who, where, when, why and how much they feature... that's the writer's little secret ;-)

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