Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Bookcases to kill for...

If 'bibliophilia' is a love of books - what is a love of bookshelves? 
How fantastic are these modern interpretations of the humble bookcase! 
This delicious reading chair from Fishbol Design Atelier is crying out to be sitting in my lounge - love love love! OK it needs a cushion and it does come with various options in felt.

Imagine a Kartell bookworm curling and unfurling along your hallway....sigh

And I love the organised chaos of this Cyrill Drummerson design.

Check out this metal coffee table Nar Bookcase by Omer Unal
At first glance I wasn't sure whether I could subject my beloved volumes to the wire bisection of its suspension storage design...but on reflection it's ingenious! The hanging arrangement doubles as a bookmark and, as an added bonus, protects the books from dust.

And I couldn't leave out this little gem...Flying Vee. The stark and simple L and V shaped metal shelves let the booklover design the space according to their own whim - brilliant!
These two are for my friend G who giggled at, but appreciated, the thought that went into colour coding my bookcase ;)
I'm starting a thread on other peoples' bookshelves - what does yours look like? I'd love to make a photo montage - please send in a pic!


Georgia said...

It's true I love your colour coded bookshelf!
I also love that Cyrill Drummerson chaotic one - that's awesome! And Kartell - what don't they do well!
I'm not sending you a photo of mine till it looks more organised!
; )

Sam said...

That Nar Bookcase is butchery of books! Almost akin to folding the corner of pages over to mark your spot! I could never allow it... xxx