Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sisters in arms

One of my friends, along with her sisters, is right this minute living out a true story that is so much stranger, so much more unbelievable, more gut wrenching, more gripping than any fictional novel could be that it makes one stick in one's seat, mind boggling, and think hooley dooley who knows what? is going on behind the scenes in people's lives... 
I came across another true story in The Economist this week - another tale of sisters, equally inspiring. Here's hoping both come to the good and brave ending they deserve.
'When Wayétu Moore fled her home of Monrovia, Liberia with her father and two sisters in the summer of 1989, banished by the outburst of civil war, one of the few things she had was a small notebook. In Lai, the village where they hid for six months, five-year-old Wayétu and her sisters scribbled about the death and mayhem they witnessed around them. Over two decades after they left Liberia, the Moore sisters now lead successful lives in America. Their parents have reunited (their mother was a Fulbright scholar at Columbia University when they had to flee), and two brothers were born in America. But they have never forgotten their war-devastated homeland, and the fact that very few children there — especially girls — are educated, or even literate...'
Wayétu and her sisters have launched One Moore Book - a publishing company that produces books for children living in countries with low literacy rates. Great idea.
You can read the rest of the story here.

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