Monday, March 14, 2011

Little Red's makeover

Swedish artist Daniel Egnéus has brought Little Red Riding Hood back to life with an 'ethereal' and 'romantic' 21st Century makeover, in conjunction with a new movie version of the classic story. No doubt fairytale collectors will send this 80-page hard cover, described as an art book-graphic novel hybrid, straight to the pool room.
Egnéus says that in his version of the Brothers Grimm fable the characters are elegant and upper class. 
'Making them more pompous and living in enormous castles allowed me to have more fun. I purposely dressed them in extremely big clothing.'
One image, set in palatial surrounds, shows Red and her mother wearing Pre-Raphaelite-style gowns five metres in length. And in this iteration, the wolf adds 'debonair' to his scary, calculating character. 
'The wolf has the clothing of Casanova,' says Egnéus, who dressed him in an elaborate, floor-length cape and cavalier hat with a plume. 
Run ladies run! We've all come across wolves of that description in the wee small hours of a Sydney Friday night...

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