Saturday, January 29, 2011

To the lighthouse

Spectacular summer's day on the harbour in Sydney - a harbour full of lighthouses - including this one at Grotto Point, Middle Harbour. 
Grotto Point? Surely, stood in such becoming surrounds, someone in a rush of inspiration could have come up with a more inspiring name than that.  
Reminds me of a line from Virginia Woolf in her collection of autobiographical essays, Moments of Being:
'One day walking around Tavistock Square I made up, as I sometimes make up my books, To The Lighthouse, in a great, apparently involuntary rush.'
A whole entire book? I wish it were that easy!

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evaf said...

I think that if i wrote down the things that came to me in involuntary rushes it would be much less 'to the lighthouse' and much more 'nobody wants to be friends with me anymore'. although still probably wouldn't be as bad as shane warne.