Sunday, January 16, 2011

People power

Love this story from a Buckinghamshire village in the UK. 
The people of Stony Stratford have spoken - emptying the town's library of all 16,000 of its volumes in protest against the miserly Milton Keynes Council's intention to close the library down.
In a Facebook campaign, each library user was urged to borrow their entitlement of 15 books, with the aim of emptying every single shelf by Saturday. So great was the response that the last book was borrowed 24 hours ahead of the target time.
Book lovers of Stony Stratford say the empty shelves represent the gaping void the closure of the library would leave in their community.
Until now, the town has only been famous for its two pubs - the Cock and the Bull - from which it is said the phrase 'a cock and bull story' originates.
Let's hope the bullying Milton Keynes Council admits its dastardly plan to shut the lending house is indeed a cock and bull story.

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Sam said...

That would be heartbreaking. Manly Council, don't even think about it!