Monday, November 29, 2010

Pick a peck of poetry

Some cool pieces on poetry I've come across lately on the web:
Big Other celebrated its very own Wallace Stevens week, publishing a series of posts from the author of the wonderful Thirteen Ways Of Looking At A Blackbird. There's about 20 posts dated 15-19 November 2010, well worth a look.
Travel writer Jeffrey Taylor ponders life and travel and the meaning of existence as seen through the mind of the Greek poet Cavafy (pictured above)in his Journey to Ithaca.
For a cerebral workout take a look at Joseph Epstein on TS Eliot and the Demise of the Literary Culture. (Eliot pictured with his second wife Valerie at the theatre in Chicago, 1959.)
And if you have any brain space left after all that, if you haven't already met him, let me introduce you to Georgian poet Titsian Tabidze (as described by his relatives). He was something of a literary revolutionary with a talent for upsetting the establishment which led to his eventual execution during the purge of Georgian intellectuals in 1937. A bit of history and intrigue for a Monday night in. Enjoy.

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