Friday, November 5, 2010

Philosophers on film...

'Philosophy is the strangest of subjects: it aims at rigour and yet is unable to establish any results; it attempts to deal with the most profound questions and yet constantly finds itself preoccupied with the trivialities of language; and it claims to be of great relevance to rational enquiry and the conduct of our life and yet is almost completely ignored. But perhaps what is strangest of all is the passion and intensity with which it is pursued by those who have fallen in its grip.' - Kit Fine, American philosopher.
Photographer Steve Pyke has spent the past 25 years capturing philosophers on film, resulting in his collection of 200 portraits of philosophers which will be published in book form in 2011. 
'Our museums are filled with busts and paintings of long forgotten wealth and beauty instead of the philosophers who have so influenced contemporary politics and society,' says Pyke
'My aim in this project has been the modest one of making sure, for this era at least, there is some record of the philosophers.'
In compiling the book Philosophy, Pyke asked his subjects why they had devoted their lives to philosophy.... check out an excerpt, it's an interesting read.

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