Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Silvey goes for gold

Is writing the new black? Are brains the new brawn? And the almighty question on everybody's lips...: [Insert drumroll here] Who will beat the muscle-bound competition to a pulp and win the puissant title of Cleo Bachelor of the Year 2010?
This is newsworthy only because for the first time ever (I think, this is new territory for me) there is a true man of words among the pumped, preened, hair gelled, waxed and buffed parade of boofheads routinely nominated for the award. 
Vote #1 Craig Silvey. The 27-year-old from West Australia and author of 2009 Indie Book of the YearJasper Jones.
Apparently sports are out this year and smarts are in. Who'd have thought? For that alone Mr Silvey deserves to take the title.
And once the froth and bubble of the bachelor business blows over he can turn his thoughts to that other mighty and potent prize... the Miles Franklin Award, Australia's major literary gong for which he's made the Long List. The Short List will be announced this month. 
I've just started on Jasper Jones. Have you read it? Do you think it (...or its author) will be victorious?

*Photo by Marco Del Grande in the SMH

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