Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cover me beautiful

Recycled paper has never looked so good. I love the idea behind New York's Book City Jackets - its fold-to-fit book covers featuring original artworks are a great (aesthetic and economical) way to update a bookshelf or set off an interior with a touch of book magic.
As they say on their website: "A Book City Jacket isn't just beautiful - it also protects from spilled drinks and prying eyes and provides a convenient space to doodle and jot down notes... We turn books into a new kind of affordable art that can be displayed on bookshelves and coffee tables, in cafes and classrooms, on planes and trains...anywhere people bring their books."
Check out these beauties:
1. 'Whale Whisperer' by Evaline Tarunadjaja
2. Nick Kuszyk
3. Selection from Artists Edition 2
4. Michael C Hsiung

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Georgia said...

I love this idea! And if one's bookshelf is colour coordinated this solves a myriad of problems!