Thursday, October 22, 2009

Which way does the ballerina spin?

I tried something different this morning. It started out as a simple Fast Flow writing exercise but I ended up feeling like I was refereeing a biffo between my right and left brain inside my cerebral boxing ring.
Fast Flow writing is a great way to get the pen moving on the page. Start with a few deep breathing exercises to clear your mental slate, then start writing. Hand over to your subconscious mind and let words fall out of the pen.
It requires a certain discipline to be so free. That is, to let the words flow with complete disregard for structure, grammar or punctuation for 20 minutes straight, no stopping. At least it does for a self-confessed Sheriff of the Grammar Constabulary.
Grammar, spelling, vocabulary, punctuation and structure are all left brain tasks, and the more you worry about them the more your right brain, your creativity springboard, will be stifled.
It doesn’t matter what you write, or if it’s relevant to anything, its value lies in opening up the mind to access information that is deep within you. A means through which you can be open and spontaneous, liberating and authentic, and out of which you may just find a few gems to carry on with.
It often takes me a couple of false starts (rude interruptions from my left brain) to get going, but once the pen is in free flow it seems like the most natural state of being. I wondered about this right brain left brain conflict so I did a little research and stumbled upon a visual test.
At first the ballerina spun clockwise, then faltered and turned anti-clockwise. Then clockwise. Then anti-clockwise. Then I got dizzy and had to stop. Giving both my right and left brain their time in the sun seems to be my challenge.
Give it a go. Which way does the ballerina spin for you?

Image above by Petty,


Sam McCourt said...

Aaaarrrggghhh. I think I am way too left brain to try this exercise! I'm sticking to spelling, grammar and punctuation thank you very much :) x

Rubyfire writes said...

Nothing wrong with that ;)

kiabaman4258 said...

try training the visual centers of your vrain.....see what's there then realize it's not there....
i quote the matrix
"Don't try to bend the spoon...that is impossible...instead try to understand one thing.....there is no spoon...when you realize that you will realize it's not the spoon that bends but yourself"
i do believe that the child i pulled this quote from was speaking of the mind pure and simple because the matrix is, in and of itself, a world of MINDS and where there are MINDS there are Brains, specifically the visual centers

Cary said...

What does it mean when the ballerina looks like her leg is swinging like a pendulum left-right-left-right . . .