Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hungry beasts...

There’s a moment in the movie Julie and Julia (a story of two lives intertwined by cooking and blogging) when, in a fit of frustration Julie’s husband accuses her of being a narcissist who thinks she’s the centre of the universe because she’s so committed to her blog.
What do you think all your followers are going to do?” he fires. “Commit mass suicide if you don’t blog for one day?
Apart from making me really, really hungry, the film pinpointed one of the reasons for this blog’s being.
When you set out to take on a huge, personal challenge, tapping into the energy and the confidence that the people around you have in you and your aspirations, is like plugging in to a metaphysical generator that propels you forward.
It helps you to believe that you can actually achieve what you set out to do, be it murdering lobsters in a raging pot of boiling water, de-boning duck and stitching its flaccid belly together with a skewer, or writing a book.
Each time a comment appears on your blog it gives you a lift, a small surge that reasserts your conviction when self-doubt rears its bothersome head.
So while yes, of course this blog is all about me, essentially it’s just as much about you.

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