Thursday, February 3, 2011


This is way cooler than a mobile phone camera. 
Seattle design company Engrained created this retro pinhole camera (top)out of a hollowed out copy of Zane Grey's The Man of the Forest.
Selling it on Etsy, the designer says'This unique camera has a magnetic shutter crafted from wood and leather and is finished off with beautiful ebony and pearl knobs. This book is full of character with the fabric cover torn and tattered to perfection.'
There's a select range crafted from original 'upcycled' hardcovers to choose from, including Elizabeth Metzger Howard's Before The Sun Goes Down, and Marlowe Shakespeare from the 1938 Harvard Classics collection. 
And yes, they actually work! 

Each camera is designed to take 35mm film, comes with its own set of instructions and has a magnetic shutter made from leather.

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