Saturday, December 4, 2010

Art + science

Some light relief for the aspiring novelist whose head is black and blue from banging and whose wall is dented. 
Want some kind of a guarantee that the book you've poured your life and soul and self-worth into is going to crack the bestseller lists?
Self publishing company Lulu has been attempting to prove a science behind naming your book to achieve commercial success. 
Lulu says: 'We commissioned a research team to analyse the title of every novel to have topped the hardback fiction section of the New York Times Bestseller List during the half-century from 1955 to 2004 and then compare them with the titles of a control group of less successful novels by the same authors. The team, lead by British statistician Dr. Atai Winkler, then used the data gathered from a total of some 700 titles to create this ‘Lulu Titlescorer’ a program able to predict the chances that any given title would produce a New York Times No. 1 bestseller.'
Going to be some time yet before this wannabee novelist puts the theory to the test in the real world, but in the meantime, it's fun to try! It's said that everyone has a book in them, even if you never write yours surely you've dreamt up a few titles in the past? Have a go! 
Try Lulu Titlescorer


evaf said...

this is super cool! I'm trying all combinations now. But I'm afraid the title "i love rosie" only has a 14.6 per cent chance of being on the best seller list. there goes my idea :(

Rubyfire Writes said...

Meh. Science schmience. I'd buy truckloads of your book!!