Friday, August 27, 2010

Lists of Literary Lists

To conclude this self-proclaimed Literary List Week, I bring you Top 20 Top 10 Literary Lists, courtesy of one of my favourite websites, AbeBooks
Put together by the staff of AbeBooks, who search high and low to unearth out of print and rare reads for insatiable bibliophiles, this compilation explores delightful and obscure fields such as: Top 10 Beloved Animals in Fiction; Top 10 Egg Books; Top 10 Most Expensive Irish-Authored Books Ever Sold on; and, Top 10 Books In Which Things End Badly.


evaf said...

hahaha! i haven't seen this before. how funny is the weird book room? i think i need to buy a book called ''disco moves: a comprehensive guide to meeting and making women in discos''. ''the man who left his wife and had a nifty time'' also sounds fabulous!

Rubyfire writes said...

Love it, it's a crack up! I think I need to read Ductigami - The Art of the Tape. And Le Petomane - I wrote about him on my blog last year he's a classic: