Monday, July 12, 2010

Hot men who read #1

I put out a call a couple of weeks ago to the bookish men of Sydney, challenging them to contest the goods on display on the blog Hot Guys Reading Books. I thought we could do better. So, with tongue firmly in cheek while I'm tripping around the Mediterranean, let me keep the Aussie flag flying by celebrating hot Aussie men who read...:)
In no particular order, we begin with the Dickensian style of the D-Man from Queensie.
'There is a wisdom of the head, and a wisdom of the heart.'
- Charles Dickens


Anonymous said...

Wow he is soooo tasty! Reminds me of Clooney in "From Dusk Till Dawn"

Sam said...

PS is that a sim study manual in hand?! ;) xxx

Sam said...

Wow! Dickensian man is looking tres intellectual! ;)

Rubyfire writes said...

No... but I believe Ernie and Bert are reading the FAM and the Jepp Guide in the tub and toot respectively haha!