Monday, March 15, 2010

In which Rob tries to read...

The 'illustrated jocularity' of David Malki ! occasionally goes over my head, but if ever I could conjure up my "six people living or dead I'd invite to a dinner party" he'd be one of them.
Malki's cartoon Wondermark appears online and is updated twice weekly. And here's what makes it different. This splendid dude mines his collection of old books for 19th century woodcuts and engravings, from which he crafts his comics. 
Incidentally, the exclamation mark proceeding his name is intentional. 
"I spell my name with an exclamation point like so: David Malki ! It’s considered an honorific, and used in the same manner as “Jr” or “PhD”: there’s a single space before it. The exclamation point is not pronounced - though many have tried, often with hilarious results."
I give you, my friends, his take on why we read...

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Brian said...

Nice one, Rubyfire! I've just become a fan of Wondermark and David Malki!Thank you for leading me to this discovery.