Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A rockin' read...

Haha - this is my kind of children's book! Thanks to my little friend Angus for the recommendation. M is for Metal, The Loudest Alphabet Book on Earth by Paul McNeil and Barry Divola, in which a motley crew of old rockers appears in fabulous technicolour, reinvented Spinal-Tap-style-for-kids. The Rolling Stones, Ozzie Osborne, Gene Simmons, Led Zeppelin and more metal dinosaurs get a guernsey. McNeil's artwork is perfectly pitched at the irreverent rhymes. Like this one:
"S is for Stones
That just keep on rolling
Most of their fans
Have now switched to lawn bowling"
You and your kid will laugh out loud. Not necessarily at the same thing. And I'm pretty sure you won't drift off to sleep mid-bedtime story.

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