Monday, November 30, 2009

The art of procrastination...

"Only Robinson Crusoe had everything done by Friday." Anon.
Today is the perfect day for writing - blustery and cantankerous outside - ideal for unleashing the mind and letting the words spill out onto my stark, white (empty) page. 
Alas, I am suffering from a severe dose of procrastination. Argh!
I had such high hopes for the day...until the procrastination monster snuck up on me and sucked up all the precious minutes and hours: 

  • Got up this morning and went for a two hour walk with G. But that couldn't have been procrastination, that was exercise which is essential to good health.
  • Went to the shops to buy zippers. These I need for making cushions, which are essential to sitting comfortably on the lounge. I would hate for my visitors to lack lumbar support.
  • Sent an email to the property manager requesting a new shower head. This is necessary to ensure cleanliness and hygiene and again, good health. I am fast becoming a shower gymnast, which could be dangerous. With the water spurting out backwards through a huge hole in the connection I have to twist my body in a 280 degree loop to position myself under the wayward jet. 
  • Phoned around getting RSVPs for a party and talked to my friend Legend for ages. This was essential for two reasons. First, as any good host will attest, numbers are critical for catering purposes. Heaven forbid we should run out of chilli cabanossi bites before the stragglers roll in, or worse - an excess of prawn cocktails turns limp and greenish in the afternoon sun. Second, I like talking to Legend, the sun always shines a little more brightly after our conversations. But therein lies another curse of procrastination. It's catching, and, like a virus latching onto an accommodating host it spreads. Sorry L.

It didn't stop there. Oh no no no.
Then I spent 25 minutes googling quotes on 'Procrastination' to try and inspire action. The best I came up with was the Crusoe line. It didn't make me feel guilty and lazy like all the others. ("You may delay but time will not." Blah. "Tomorrow is the day when idlers work and fools reform." Snore...)
Ooh, but this one I like:
"Procrastination is the thief of time."
Now there's a thought. I'm outta here. Got to go down to the cop shop and report a robbery.


Brian said...

Saw Clive James interviewed this evening. He spoke of the importance of writer's having their own private area where they can sit (unseen)doing nothing, often for days on end, waiting for the inspiration to strike. Privacy is important, he claimed, because if others see you doing nothing, they will feel obliged to find a task or two for you.

So don't feel bad about today....but in future don't tell anyone!

Rubyfire writes said...

Thanks dad. I'm now sewing cushions....(shhh don't tell anyone!!)

Georgia said...

Hmmm.... guilty of taking you on a 2 hour walk yesterday and now today it's an excursion to the all new and improved Chatswood chase.... hmmm I think we should look at these activities as important opportunities to find fulfilment and inspiration... Is it a crime if along the way we find lovely shoes and fabulous cushion fabric?

Sam said...

If "Procrastination is the thief of time", I'd spend all my time down at Manly Police Station..... ;) xxx